Have you ever felt so frustrated with your job or career that you wanted to quit and do something else? Do you want to go back to school to pursue a dream? Is something holding you back from making a change? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I hope my blog can help you make informed decisions and alleviate any fears that you might have in going back to school.

My name is Seiha, and I took the road less traveled to become a physician anesthesiologist.

I was a pharmacist for three years before starting medical school. I quit a career that was paying six figures annually to go further into school debt. This major life decision affected my wife and our families. I know well the frustration of an unfulfilling job, the fear of change due to finances, and the stress that affects your physical and mental health.

Although it took nine years to become an attending regional anesthesiologist, it has allowed me to find fulfillment and career wellness, despite the media coverage of burnout in medicine. However, this may not be the right thing to do for some people. By blogging about my journey, I hope to (1) entertain you and (2) show you that it is possible and worthwhile.

Through my experiences in both pharmacy and medicine, I have seen nearly the entire spectrum of health care. With this knowledge I will also be giving my insight into the media’s portrayal of health care, whether it be the latest drug news or a Hollywood medical drama (eg. FOX’s The Resident, my guilty pleasure).

If there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to discuss, please feel free to contact me.

Don’t forget to follow me on social media! Instagram @DoctorSeiha and Twitter @DoctorSeiha

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